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♦️🔶 Sass 🔶♦️ . Wahh I haven’t introduced a character in ages! So it was about time :D This here is Marthe! She already appeared in drabbles and snippets, so maybe some of you know her already. 😄 . She’s a member of the jester guild and also one of the higher ranking ones. She’s tough, smart and strong and knows how to deal with the silly bunch of men that dominate the guild. She’s never afraid to speak her mind - not even with Eulenspiegel - and often comes across harshly, however, she has a good heart. She had a big loathing towards Yonvi when her and Arro were new to the guild and she often was very rough with her in the beginning. However, after learning more about Yonvi and realizing that she is not the ‚haughty princess‘ Marthe believed her to be, she started liking her. A lot actually. Marthe lives openly bi in the guild and has a big crush on both - Eulenspiegel and Yonvi. She likes Arro, but thinks he’s a wimp. She has a good relationship with Claudius. Due to always speaking up, she often gets into loud arguments with Till and the two often end up destroying half of the interior while fighting. Like Claudius, Marthe also despises Katharina (Till’s loved one) and thinks that ‚something’s wrong with her‘. 😠 . Marthe is especially important to Yonvi and her first ‚best friend‘ (girlwise) xD Marthe is also the first person to realize what was going on between Yonvi and Claudius. 😏 . (All characters are my OCs from my story ‚VOGELFREY‘ ©️) ⭐️⭐️ DM me for the story link! ⭐️⭐️ . #artoninstagram #artistoninstagram #clown #digitalart #oc #medieval #princess #originalcharacter #beauty #fanart #jester #medievalprincess #knight #historical #fantasyart #fantasy #love #pierrot #jesteroc #necromancer #history #mittelalter #beautiful #family #middleages #magic #hofnarr #joker #medievaltimes #assassin

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