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🌱🌱🌱 // α„’α…‘α„‚α…‘ hates this chair, i hate pink dresses, and my brother hates photos, but we *still* hate food insecurity more // the statistics may vary, but the main message is clear. with quarantine, access to fresh food has become really important. food deserts are not sweet treatsβ€” they are locations where it is difficult to buy affordable, fresh produce and food. food insecurity is what it sounds like β€” many people do not know when their next meal will be. also, ugly produce is more likely to be thrown away, even when completely viable. once again, food insecurity and deserts are an environmental and health issue that is compounded by race. i hope this series is not taken to be a β€œdebby downer” type ordeal! just sharing my thoughts on the many layers of this issue. there are a lot of environmental issues, they usually overlap with race, which i don’t think is emphasized enough. while this is a very large forest of problems, im sure we will find a way out. // ps. don’t worry, i saved α„’α…‘α„‚α…‘ from the chair. pps. my dog will follow you back 🌿 #kickoutplastic

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